Transmedia is a term that is new to my vocabulary, and I am captivated by the way it encourages a narrative to be expressed artistically through non-text forms. My son has no interest in reading, and this motivates me to broaden my transmedia understanding and the ways to incorporate it into education. My research thus far, has led me to believe that it may hold the key to rediscovering a love of narrative for my son and the many other children that view reading with the same disinterest.

Transmedia has an appealing way of drawing people into the unfolding story through its use of multiple media modes, where each delivery reveals a piece to the story and thus creates a united and co-ordinated storytelling experience (Jenkins, 2011).

I was initially perplexed as to how transmedia could be useful in a classroom as it seemed to be used mainly in the entertainment industry. Through my recent research, however, I SLJ140601-WEB_Transmedia_PULLquote
came across the ‘Inanimate Alice’ digital novel; A transmedia story captivating classrooms worldwide as students engage in the character of Alice and her life ( This is a perfect example of transmedia being successfully incorporated into education.

Transmedia enhances the ‘one size does not fit all’ approach to learning, as it combines multiple literacies and promotes critical thinking through a ‘hunting and gathering’ approach to seeking and analysing content (Jenkins, 2011). The Inanimate Alice series encourages these very principles.

Inanimate Alice
CLICK HERE to visit the Inanimate Alice facebook page where you can find additional information and reviews. You can also view the video trailer below.

Transmedia is an innovative approach to education, and as a future teacher, I look forward to working with it. I must, however, be conscious that this is an era where students live digitally. Gomez (2010) points out the dangers of addiction and lack of human connection that can surround this. By assimilating transmedia into the classroom, the opportunity exists to not only provide a captivating learning experience but to also teach “critical user skills” (Howell, 2015).

A short video that explains transmedia storytelling.

Watch the Inanimate Alice Trailer Here.


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