What is a digital world?

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The children of today are born into a world of technology.

After reflecting on the technological world that I live, and looking closely at how technology influences my life, it is without hesitation I can say I am a very digitally reliant citizen. A digital world was a term I associated with my children’s generation. It has become apparent, however, of the significant relevance of this term in my world. A digital world is made up of the information and technology that surrounds us. It is changing the way we think, live and work (Howell, 2012 , p. 11). Technology is a significant contributory factor in keeping me on track and organised, and I welcome the positive impact that being digital has in my life.

Future educators like me must be fluent with emerging technologies and be able to articulate them for educational purposes. Assimilating technology into learning will be Digital Worldvital as students will require an extensive repertoire of digital skills to prosper in the future. As an educator to a generation of digital natives who have been born into this world of technology, it will be essential that I am technologically fearless (Howell, 2012 , p. 9), and can build these skills in my students. By establishing a collaborative learning environment that is rich in the technologies that my students show interest in, will ensure they are engaged in their learning and motivated to prepare themselves for the future.

Students today have different needs and behaviours of previous generations, (Howell, 2012 , p. 14) and Prensky (2008) suggests that the current education system is not suited to our current students. It is imperative that teachers develop a digital pedagogy that supports this philosophy, and adopt a willingness to adapt to teaching with innovative and creative technologies.

I am now open to the endless possibilities of incorporating technology into teaching, and I look forward to building my digital repertoire as I forward on the path of becoming a teacher.

Our children are digital natives living in a digital era.


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